As a result of our high commitment for Nature, we try to install in all our houses Solar Panels and Green Power solutions. Solar Power in Costa Rica is so obvious with all this Sun we have during the whole year. So we tested different solutions in our buildings and offer today amazing off the grid solutions as well.

This is a Costa Rica based Swiss Company supplying excellent services. If you are interested in additional Eco detailing, feel free to delve into our Eco page.

Solar Power Costa Rica Solar Power Costa Rica

Solar Power Costa Rica

Our Partner in Costa Rica for Solar Power and Green Power Solutions is the Company Swissol S.A.

Swissol S.A. has more than 20 years of experience in the Solar Power market in Costa Rica.

We push very hard Solar Power in our Eco Real Estate Project. That is why we install for FREE Solar Panels to the first 5 Buyers of one of the 12 Models we offer.

Solar panel battery lot 12

Solar panels and warm water solar

Beach Walk lots

Beach walk lots 1
Beach walk lots 2 costa rica
Beach walk lots 3 costa rica

Ocean View Lots

Solar Power Costa Rica Luxury Houses for Sale Houses for sale in Costa RIca Luxury Line

Above all, this is an Eco Real Estate Developer in Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula, One of Five Known Blue Zones in the World! 😍
Beach Walk Lots are 808m2 (almost 1/4 acre) Ocean View Lots are 5.000m2 (1.25 acre) = 100% privacy.

For any individual building ideas please contact us by e-mail or our contact form. 

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