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We at BELLEVUE have right now 16 different houses and Villa Model. This is an overview of the options we offer on the Property for Sale in Costa Rica Houses and Prices menu. Investing in Costa Rica is the right time now, read here why.

In this paragraph, you will find different house model options. We suggest you find first the style you like. Secondly, get in touch with us and tell us any adaption you want to make. Thirdly, and most importantly, we are absolutely flexible our target is to help you to build your dream home. However, we know for different reasons not everyone wants or can invest $ 500k or 1m the important thing is, we care and our target is to achieve your goal. So do not hesitate to tell us straight away how much is your budget and we will help to realize your dream.

You are our presentation card. You will tell your family your friends about this magical place and your positive experience building with us. In conclusion, you will tell them about this unique Property for Sale in Costa Rica. So finally, they will tell others or build themself. We know that you know that, so let us start so you can be part of our Bellevue Isla Tortuga Community here in Costa Rica.

BELLEVUE Beach Walk Lots

CHIQUITA Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 66m2, 713 square feet, 1 Bedroom.
VENADO Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 80m2, 864 square feet, 1 Bedroom.
SAMARA Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 86m2, 926 square feet, 2 Bedrooms.
AKIRA Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 96m2, 1.034 square feet, 2 Bedrooms.

The price includes a Beach Walk Lot without Ocean View with a size of 808m2+ (almost 1/4 acre).

Check our Beach Walk Lots houses

Beach Walk Lots 2 Costa Rica

Some words of the Project Owner

This is the smallest house we offer in this Real Estate in Costa Rica. Perfect to build together with your main house to have it as a Guest House or just as your little vacation escape home.

Looking for another Style or Budget?

BELLEVUE Beach Walk Lots

PINILLA Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 110m2, 1.184 square feet, 3 Bedrooms.
COLIBRI Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 106m2, 1.141 square feet, 2 Bedrooms, AND A POOL! 
BREEZE Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 113m2, 1.217 square feet, 2 Bedrooms.
PLAYA Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 139m2, 1.499 square feet, 2 Bedrooms.

The price includes a Beach Walk Lot without Ocean View with a size of 808m2+ (almost 1/4 acre).

Beach Walk Lots 2 Costa RicaBELLEVUE Beach Walk Lots

COLINA Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 122m2, 1.313 square feet, 3 Bedrooms.
CUANTUM Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 139m2, 1.499 square feet, 2 or 3 Bedrooms.
ARÓN Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 220m2, 2.368 square feet, 3 Bedrooms.
DEVIN Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 280m2, 3.014 square feet, 3 Bedrooms.

The price includes a Beach Walk Lot without Ocean View with a size of 808m2+ (almost 1/4 acre).

Beach Walk Lots 3 Costa Rica

Check our Property for Sale in Costa Rica Houses and Prices

Looking for another Style or Budget?

Let us introduce you finally to our BELLEVUE LUX LINE with amazing, big, 100% privacy, Ocean View Lots

MARBELLA Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 300m2, 3.299 square feet, 2 Bedrooms, and 1 Pool, ALEGRIA Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 367m2, 3.950 square feet, 3 Bedrooms, and 1 Pool, DELIRIUM Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 509m2, 5.478 square feet, 2 or 3 Bedrooms and 1 Pool, MIRADOR Property for Sale in Costa Rica has 718m2, 7.728 square feet, 3 Bedrooms, 1 Yoga Room, 1 Wine cellar and 1 Pool.

The price includes a Lot with Ocean View of 5.000m2+ (1.24 acre +) and a Pool

Check our Lux Line

Ocean View Lots in Costa Rica with Lux HousesOr get a fast overview of our Instagram Page

Do you have your own Dream Home?

Send us a picture and in case you do not have the construction plans no problem we will make them. First of all, we just need the square meters or square feet the house has. Additionally to that the construction type to make you an offer. While this is the first offer so you know approximately where we are, we will work together all de details to get finally the end amount.


I am very honest with you. The smaller houses we offer are in an upper price range combined with an amazing Sea View Lot.
This is due to the fact that we are trying to find the balance doing such an Eco Project and combine all possible efforts protecting Nature. So considering you get a big lot of 5.000 square meters (1.24 acre +) the land price affects the end price a little. At the same time, you get 100% Privacy. This is what we love to protect in this Real Estate Eco Project in Costa Rica.

Investing with Friends Property for Sale in Costa Rica

There is also another option you might have a look at. Did you ever consider for instance Investing with Friends? This gives you the great option to build 2 houses in one lot so you can charge the land costs. In addition, you can buy also one Villa together with one, two, or three friends. In other words, imagine owning the amazing Villa Bellevue MARBELLA with 3 other friends for only US$ 155.000.


As a result of the very good Relation Ship we have with our Customers, you are more than welcome to talk to them. So you get very personal information on what kind of top-level services you can expect in this Real Estate in Costa Rica.

This is just one review for this Property to sell in Costa Rica:

“I shouldn’t write a review because then people will come and it should really be kept as a secret. Everything was better than advertised. The view is just stunning. You can choose between staying by the pool and watching the sunset and the monkeys or explore the beautiful peninsula with countless beaches, islands, etc. Carlos the owner is unbelievably helpful and welcoming, just making our life easier and better. I have traveled all over the world and this is one of my best experiences, for the location, the architecture, the country, and Carlos’s kindness.”

Global Creative Director from a big Company

We do only Turn Key contracts, why?

However while in Latin America and different other places in the world it is very common to pay 20-30% more. Yes, talk to your friends and you will get this confirmed. So talk to our customers and they will tell you the opposite. What happens a lot of times when it comes to buying Real Estate in Costa Rica or where else? Well, during the construction process prices for this and that went up at the end. We want to give you peace of mind and the amount we agreed in the contract is the amount you will pay.

What happens if we make a Calculation error?

Finally, I have been asked this from our Swiss Clients who are building right now. As a result of such a very unhappily case we will learn it in a hard way. Yes, in such a case we will pay it from our margin and for sure not you from your pocket. This is how we do business in this Eco Real Estate Project in Costa Rica building Bellevue AKIRA or another house. Therefore you have a piece in mind which is the priority.

Want to win a Solar Panel System worth US$ 10.000?

We really want to help you to go to Green. Contact us and & Enter To Win A $ 10.000 Solar Panel System on your new home in Costa Rica in this Property for Sale.

Solar System on this Property for Sale in Costa Rica

Go 100% Green! From 2019 we provide and install Solar Systems. A home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or from the grid when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. Off the Grid systems offer independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup. Eco-Bonus: Build your house with solar panels and get a 25% solar panel discount.

Heliport option on this Property for Sale in Costa Rica

Heliport construction option for the project. This allows not only fast transfers from the International Airport but also a 24h medical assistance in the case of an emergency.

Location of this Beach Project in Costa Rica

From San José – International Airport (SJO) – there is a  60 minutes car ride to Puntarenas. There you take a 60 minutes ferry across the Nicola Peninsula. Once you arrive at the Paquera ferry station it is just 7 minutes to get to this beautiful Property for Sale in Costa Rica.

The International Airport in San José flies to more than 20 different national destinations.

As this place is south of Guanacaste, you can use as well the International Airport in Liberia (LIR) – there is a 2 hours 15-minute drive on a brand new road (finished 2020) you take to arrive in Paquera.

There is a hospital, shopping area, restaurants, school only 5 minutes by car (Paquera). 5 minutes car drive for Sport Fishing, Kayak, Oysters Farm, and much more. In nearby Tambor, 20 minutes by car, a Private school and also a very good golf course.  Tambor also has an airport with two Airlines, Skyway Airlines, and Sansa. They offer 27-minute flights from San José return fare around US$ 180 or US$ 550 for private charter (4 pax, one way). As a result, this gives you access to many Costa Rica destinations and this Property for Sale in Costa Rica.

Why Investing in Costa Rica and especially the Nicoya Peninsula?

Bellevue Isla Tortuga Property for Sale in Costa Rica is located across the famous Tortuga Island. The large beautiful beach is separated by a natural river mouth. To the left of the river mouth, over the hill, spans Curu National Parc. The right-hand side of this beautiful bay is ideal and waiting for investment opportunities.

Professional Property Management on this Property for Sale in Costa Rica

We provide complete property management services, take care of all needs for your property. This includes paying bills, providing security, gardening, pool maintenance, house cleaning, general repair projects, and more.

Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica

We offer full rental services in your villa while you are away. Our target is not only to pay the operational costs but to help generate rentals income towards your residential investment. Investing in Costa Rica, these homes for sales had experienced an increase on incomes of 300% on this Property for Sale in Costa Rica.

Concierge Service in Costa Rica

Do you need to rent a car or book unique and amazing tours? Do you need to hire a world-class chef for your special event or even a professional massage to relax? We know the best people for each activity ensuring a memorable stay at Bellevue Isla Tortuga.

The real estate and packages we offer have privileged ocean views on Tortuga Island. This is one of the 10 main tourist attractions of Costa Rica. Beautiful nature surrounded by wildlife, only 7 minutes from the ferry station by car.

Bellevue Isla Tortuga is a Gated Community ready to build a project with 22 lots in phase I plus 8 lots in phase II. All of them with partial, amazing, and premium ocean views. Water and underground eco electricity installations are ready and connected to each lot. There is an additional lot of 65.224m2 that can be used for an optional phase II project. We are planning 12 more lots, a prestigious Hotel project and/or community area for sports, clubhouse, horse range, and so on.

10% – 15% US$ based income

If you are interested in a long term 10 – 15% US$ based income, we will rent the house/villa. We are including all services like cleaning, bookings, payments, and more.

For any individual building ideas in this Property for Sale in Costa Rica please contact us by e-mail or our contact form. 

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