A recent report by The Economist Intelligence Unit lists Costa Rica as the 7th most politically stable country worldwide. Further it is the 7th least likely to encounter social unrest as a result of current global economic conditions.

According to the report Costa Rica is rated one of the world’s most stable countries ranked number 7 of the 165 countries listed.

In the Americas (North America, Central America, The Caribbean, and South America), only Costa Rica and Canada made the top 20 – the U.S.A. ranked 55 overall.

Costa Rica is still a developing nation but with more teachers than policemen, ranked 5th in the world in terms of environmental performance, plans to be carbon neutral as a nation by 2021, no army, and a stable democracy it represents an incredible investment opportunity.

Costa Rica also boasts a stable national banking system that didn’t get involved in the high-risk lending practices experienced in other countries.

Switzerland of Latinamerica

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