You will receive all the data and information from abroad. Our intention is that you will receive immediately all the information from the different offices and dependencies and see for yourself /online for example Mercantile Registry, about the property registered in your name as owner or owner in the anonymous society in the transferring of the land or house in your name or your company. If eventually, you decide to sell the property you will be exempt from paying taxes. The same goes for properties that register houses in any other person’s name.

Buying/Selling the property after the payment the lawyer will proceed to transfer the property. The lawyer will return to you all the documents.

All of this information can be reviewed through the internet.

Construction; the payments will be made in different phases accordingly to the advancement of the project. You will receive monthly photographs through the and if required we will install a video camera so you can watch online whenever you want 7/24 how the building process is going on. Like that you have the possibility to log on and enter your personal password and immediately see updates. This way you will have the possibility to observe live the advances of the project. The client’s area is protected by a password.

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