Building Bellevue Alegría with ArchitectArchitects and Direction of the Project

The architects and directors of the proyect recommended by us have worked with us successfully before in our projects. Before you make the respective decision, you can be assured of the efficiency in a very easy way.  You can research online about our project of the work performed by them in the past. Easier just check or reviews or talk directly to our clients on the experience they just made working with us. 

You choose if you want to work in favorable conditions within your budget but with proyects of good quality (cost US$ 900 – 1,000/sq meter approx.) or with a first class architect and quality materials (US$ 1,100 – 1500. sq. meters approx) in both cases we will analyze with you the different possibilities.

We are an Eco Real Estate Developer in Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula, One of Five Known Blue Zones in the World! 

 The Lots are 5.000m2+ (1.24 acre +) = 100% privacy and to protect Nature. Our commitment to finding a balance between doing such a Project and the nature surrounding this place is very high. We installed all the electricity infrastructure underground knowing perfectly that this will cost us 4-5 times more.

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  1. Hi, I am looking to have a Cabina built in Montezuma and a little work in my main house. I will be getting in town on Tuesday and I am wondering if you have any time to meet next week.

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